Gulliksen Consulting

Human capital management – aligned with business objectives

Many companies and organizations today face a changing environment; New strategies, merges and acquisitions,  demands for increased profitability, new goals to be fulfilled. This may also involve organizational change or business shut downs. To manage such a change, while creating a high performance organization, requires an alignment of development initiatives and actions. This requires right knowledge and skills of the individual, agreement and consensus on strategies and goals of the organization and a clear understanding and commitment to the organization.

How to reach your goal?

A starting point in all processes of change is to define the goal, to make a situation analysis and a competency mapping of the organization. A competency mapping is an attempt to measure the "unmeasurable". Is there a need to increase the competence in the organization? Is it possible to develop existing skills or should new skills be introduced? How to work with succession planning? How to develop your team? What skills are required to reach the new goal? How to handle retention? How to handle exit? – We call this Talent Management.

We can be a part of your process

By offering the following services, we help organizations ensure that they have the right skills to achieve the desired objectives:

On an organizational level

Group development, competency modeling, team building, 360°-surveys, management audits and human due diligence.

On an individual level

Assessment center, selection, evaluation, job description, competency mapping/inventory, development centers, development-oriented assessments and 360°-surveys.

On a process level

Talent management, succession planning, sales processes, competency-based recruitment process and interviewing techniques.

Our toolbox

To assist us we have the following toolboxes: OPQ, MQ, Verify, 360, Hogan Assessment Systems, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), DISC analysis.